God Help

November 24, 2016

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Help me, Lord my God;
save me according to your unfailing love.

Let them see that this is your doing,
that you yourself have done it, Lord.

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Jesus stopped and said, ‘Call him.’

So they called to the blind man, ‘Cheer up! On your feet! He’s calling you.’ Throwing his cloak aside, he . . .

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Should I Not?

November 23, 2016

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‘Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem,
look around and consider,
search through her squares.
If you can find but one person
who deals honestly and seeks the truth,
I will forgive this city.
Although they say, “As surely as the Lord lives,”
still they are swearing falsely.’
Lord, do not your . . .

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November 22, 2016

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then said he unto them, `The harvest indeed [is] abundant, but the workmen few; beseech ye then the Lord of the harvest, that He may put forth workmen to His harvest.

`Go away; lo, I send you forth as lambs in the midst of wolves;

carry no bag, no scrip, nor sandals; and salute no one on the way;

and into . . .

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November 21, 2016

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always rejoice ye;

continually pray ye;

in every thing give thanks, for this [is] the will of God in Christ Jesus in regard to you.

The Spirit quench not;

prophesyings despise not;

all things prove; that which is good hold fast;

from all appearance of evil abstain ye;

and the . . .

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Must Do

November 20, 2016

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Wrote a giddy garbled – oh so clever (not) – comment. Later look back and regret, plus the limping posts in recent days, display a self-indulgence I so self-despise. Who am I to know what’s going down with AJ plus proud up like that? This need to sound (to myself) so – is sickening. Caught myself at it the other day/here. If I can’t . . .

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Said To

November 19, 2016

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Done an update on yesterday’s. Now bash a quicky for t’day. No More/NO MORE long timers. No matter how oblique and weird to a reader might come across. As if… readers. Ha.

Me-not get something from these posts, what’s the purpose? Basking in some illusionary fan base don’t do it and flowering away with the lingo. Bull….

. . .

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November 18, 2016

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Not so-hearing God. Know why? About coming more and long enough, for a proper while, in a place to hear.

Shall spit for some minutes and withdraw off. Another opportunity today to hear and herald out. Not fill-up with internet or whatever else. Do what must and do what can.

Not hearing much, because not enough . . .

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