January 06, 2016

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‘Resistance is...”

Prayer: 16th century, source unknown.

Finding a verse is the toughest. Not living enough in the word, the struggle why. Bit like no photo ready, so what’s before me gets snapped.

Must get the word and pic over the proceeding day.

First, thanks Erin and Roger for following. . . .

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January 05, 2016

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Ever had a tall and suited man put his hand on your shoulder, lean in a little, eyes peer and ask, “how are, your quiet times, going?”.

Pray as ya graf to begin - but as ya go - with a swift tap up. Ear I am, like.

Restating the goalposts: Fresh images and scrip. Pray, tap, pray, tap...

Up for 9am. God . . .

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write and pics

January 04, 2016

For the creation was subjected to frustration,
not by its own choice,
but by the will of the one who subjected it,
in hope…

Twenty six weeks until the collapse, so saith Max Keiser, last week. If he’s correct, should we hope this cataclysmic struggle is somehow delayed? Or better sooner than later to avoid worse . . .

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January 04, 2016

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Not facing a reread itself and I can't imagine who might but up it goes, minus a part on Putin and Wurmbrand (but a bit more here), used in a post on this new platform.

Ah well - a prophetic act is.

From a couple of weeks, November 2015.

Doubtless it has a bit more of my 'why' in it.

. . .

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January 04, 2016

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I'm going to resist writing "because..." of readers, I barely know exist.

The short not long on 'tree knowledge good/evil' and talking snake is; it's about wrong judgement (knowledge) and what this feeds -or- 'life' and what this food brings.

I'm going to do a texty-pic and put . . .

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Watch Words 2016

December 31, 2015

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29/12: New Years Eve, God willing, I'll be putting, and praying up - watch words.

Two from this year I'm brewing on, something Mark Passio said. Ostensibly: All selfishness is Satanic (his term). Out of the back of that, I'd like to try and expand what I consider could be revelation.

And: Dead already a . . .

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December 28, 2015

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Fasting is a ‘when’ - expectation - not an ‘if’.. you...

According to Jesus.

Hebrew sum, (‘to cover’ the mouth), Greek nesteuo (to abstain).

Food is a first port of call but could be anything that puts some physical humility into -or- on to, us. Regular and relatively short, say a day, or most of the day . . .

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