Apostle's Warning

Prodigy/Mobb Deep

August 29, 2020

[UPDATE], unable to access Truthscoop. Keep posting on Plant a Seed, i.e., 'Apostle's Warning'. Could call my server/man and get in, but it's Bank Holiday, and so, prefer to wait until Tuesday.].

Monday 31/08.

For Joe, who has a, 'radio voice.'

. . .

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Where You At

August 26, 2020
Mornin' Scooper's,

Truthscoop.net/sunday-school-06-04-20, (inc., the 'School's Out' selection, and cover).

2020_05_schools_out_a_thirty bag.

For Tony.

After watch and type-on: Tiswas [tomorrow], plus; Seaford Mods' song.
Goin' all things, Lecrae. On . . .

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The Heat Is On

August 24, 2020

Unfinished, apologies. "Four faults"

Silvrback blog image

Writing about contemporary writing and forty years, a generation of arts and politics. Or nabbing, 'Poems of Humor & Protest' (Kenneth Patchen). (Front cover).

Published by City Light Books, (1964).

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Joy Division - A Means to an End

August 19, 2020
Updated the version of the hymn, 'Here is Love', on Plantaseed.org.uk/david-bowie-tvc15. 'Richard Prior', is the one to watch there. A, 'one or two post/s and, no-text' post. So, this 'un...
For Roger and Sue.

For Steve, a 'best bro.' out there.
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The Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun.

August 17, 2020

Silvrback blog image

[Rare look last weekend and Toby Young in the Telegraph. Let my eyes fetch upon a 'newspaper'. Straight back, on a Hard, fast-ing media, lifestyle. Did spot this, looking at Proph., Hitchens.

Splashing about in Wuhan, eh.]

Bonus Ball:


. . .

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Radiohead - There There

August 17, 2020

"And one day, the annihilation of this virus in creation will be fully complete."

Why, Plant a Seed on January 04, 2016.

Silvrback blog image

[10.23], ...willin'.

Off now, Later on.

[14.53] ...it is. On.

And 'off-a-lot', all, 'dat'.

"Thrills and . . .

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August 15, 2020

On. Off. And The (Age Of) Missing Text. Off to Sunday School, set-up.


Are you ready Eddy?


(Set to play).

For Chris.

"At street corners, even..."
(set . . .

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