Who Are Our Isaiah's ?

July 08, 2016

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Much more: Get/have something to say, spit it and publish. These words and images don't have an audience in numbers and anyway, they're all about me-interspersed in prayer/typing. There/what for. Public-ish expression, mostly in trying to hold-up some level of interaction with God. While do.

The power is in the . . .

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Anyone burdened?

July 07, 2016

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Idealism in the classic dreamboat sense usually loses its lackluster with age. There's vision and faith from God. Or, faith and no vision – just raw hang-on. But dreaming for a california of comfort, or some idealistic hopes, is more young people's thang.

Moving through mid-20's Isaiah is hearing the coming . . .

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Lovely Morning

July 03, 2016

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Lovely morning to all… so many. Ha ha.

The day breaks and I'm on a lead (I think) to do some spoken word. Audio. Five minutes or less. New Strat. Soon Cometh: Youtube.

Speak the word. Helps me… speak the word. This, the 'fowls of the heaven' need to hear. Need, not to want, to hear. But first GOD… oh . . .

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If Our Hearts Do Not Condemn Us

June 30, 2016

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Early Isaiah – where the readings are at – has almost too much leaping out. Requires regular soaking. Living in. And letting out.

Ever-reiterating, Bible verses are seeds. In prayerful hollering, perpetual meditating or whispering in the quiet. The motion of this specific language/text, is unseen life-blood. We can be . . .

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June 28, 2016

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Following the readings ('chronological' Bible) but must write as/when 'feel' need. In prayer, best my struggling can-do. Verses grab, whack em up and out. Works in progress. Workings in the margin.

No one much reads this. Once maybe? Lots of once/s. I barely re-read posts. Did the last Truthscoop/just now . . .

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Calling Women And Men Of Holy War

June 27, 2016

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What we need in five words?A Jesus-proper revival / popular awakening

Wrote this on: http://www.plantaseed.org.uk/in

Today the reading, Micah 7 leading into Matthew 10, demands a day of mediation and out-screaming (as I go).

The central-zing-mafia are determined to mock us. Could quite believe they . . .

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If... Are As...

June 25, 2016

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Only about an hour tweets and all. Straight to a word… I do not have.

On to 'Micah' but prepared for day a go, early Isaiah. Though your sins...

Today's rewind is http://www.plantaseed.org.uk/spoken which in convoluted, barely-readable fashion, contains one – more readable line/thought:

God is . . .

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