Shipping Forcast

February 05, 2019

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('Forcast' should be, forecast, but hey, this the way I rumbled).

Looking at the news/headlines is a questionable exercise. Receiving the bonkers and the bias no matter how it's addressed has the potential to do us no good. My take is it cannot but do us down and the nefarious purpose to damage, regardless of . . .

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See The Snatching

February 04, 2019

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Quantity over quality, and speed over time with consideration. M'motto. Or, could be, with all this seed-planting lark.

Once upon, one a day and for ages. Knock out in gay abandon. Stop being at all, readership-conscious.

Get to the message. Reckon, revelation, at best. Here now, and this:

One of . . .

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The Prayer Tip

February 03, 2019

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Discovered a tech. issue and comments. One's come in from someone called Brian about Downer's An Upper:

'Ditto. Not been on the prayer tip for a while now. Rudderless, not leading the tribe well. Have and Ezekiel, Ezrah and Elijah at base camp, maybe I need to look at how they led the fam. Only 2% evangelicals . . .

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Downer's An Upper

February 02, 2019

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Should be praying. Not been, so... on, the holy and healthy habit for a while. A post to preach (at me). A therapeutic move, seeking to settle what's necessary and deal with the distress.

Sorry and sad about the state of someone and a message in all this from God:

Never compare, except on occasion, to be . . .

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Fifty Years

January 26, 2019

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With the internet came hidden history and current, more often, corrupt affairs. Overturning common and communal assumptions, re-framed by confessions and disclosures.

The buried re-emerging into the make-public domain. Metadata (data about data) in PDF format. Commentators on a video or in print, extract and present. . . .

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January 22, 2019

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Doh. Pressed 'publish' and haven't written it. Start with a title (came first) a word from a song? Went to 91, as promised. Do a graph. All ready for the morn, apologies if alerted but have to wait till then.

Hey ho, let's go... and plant a seed or... better, do a DIY x

Found some verses to keep us . . .

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Quiet Mourning

January 06, 2019

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2019 eh, will this be the one? 'When the levee breaks' or, as in the days of Noah... and our relative, collective security, collapses. Having misjudged and expected a shocker most of the last decade, accept timing is tricky.

Engenders buck up on the preparation front though, considering the current shaky outlook. . . .

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