Lord Sumption

September 03, 2020

[21.37] "Don' an'dusted".


Grew up in 'Fuck the Rich', and a working class hero is something to be. From thereon, Lennon included, making 'pop' music is the domain of the middle, and upper classes. Posh peep. By the 90s it was rammed at the top by public school boys.
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Apostle's Warning Pt. 2.

Prodigy/Mobb Deep

August 31, 2020
Close with; Navalny Poison, Isreal Shamir, The Unz.
September 1, 2020 • 1,900 WORDS • 57 COMMENTS

[21.27] Post, done.


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The 'Doubter and Denier, Piers Corban', on BBC's Good Morning(?), was an attempt to overturn and dismiss . . .

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Apostle's Warning

Prodigy/Mobb Deep

August 29, 2020

[UPDATE], unable to access Truthscoop. Keep posting on Plant a Seed, i.e., 'Apostle's Warning'. Could call my server/man and get in, but it's Bank Holiday, and so, prefer to wait until Tuesday.].

Monday 31/08.

For Joe, who has a, 'radio voice.'

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Where You At

August 26, 2020
Mornin' Scooper's,

Truthscoop.net/sunday-school-06-04-20, (inc., the 'School's Out' selection, and cover).

2020_05_schools_out_a_thirty bag.

For Tony.

After watch and type-on: Tiswas [tomorrow], plus; Seaford Mods' song.
Goin' all things, Lecrae. On . . .

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The Heat Is On

August 24, 2020

Unfinished, apologies. "Four faults"

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Writing about contemporary writing and forty years, a generation of arts and politics. Or nabbing, 'Poems of Humor & Protest' (Kenneth Patchen). (Front cover).

Published by City Light Books, (1964).

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Joy Division - A Means to an End

August 19, 2020
Updated the version of the hymn, 'Here is Love', on Plantaseed.org.uk/david-bowie-tvc15. 'Richard Prior', is the one to watch there. A, 'one or two post/s and, no-text' post. So, this 'un...
For Roger and Sue.

For Steve, a 'best bro.' out there.
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The Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun.

August 17, 2020

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[Rare look last weekend and Toby Young in the Telegraph. Let my eyes fetch upon a 'newspaper'. Straight back, on a Hard, fast-ing media, lifestyle. Did spot this, looking at Proph., Hitchens.

Splashing about in Wuhan, eh.]

Bonus Ball:


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