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Sympnoia panta

October 27, 2020

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Faith Or Hope?


Lion's Back


[Me] Wanna Go To Ma... Jor-Ka, With My Girl Friend.

Back to 'scoopin' up . . .

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The Apologist

All things conspire. Off, at... [..won't, disclose. Aw, it's Eleven, 11. OK? "1st Principles," win.]. No more for the post, waiting on... The Box Tops, 'Letter'? Thanks.

October 27, 2020

The latest target of "cancel culture" thought control mentality is New York University Professor Mark Crispin Miller.
His advocates, and supporters of academic and scientific freedom, are collecting petition signatures to tell NYU "hands off" of the free-thinking tenured teacher.
. . .

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As soon as you see… "Development, Democracy or Change"?

October 26, 2020

But what, exactly, is a conspiracy? In the most general terms, it is a secretive, hidden effort by a relatively small group of people to steer events in a chosen direction. Literally, it is a group of people who “breathe together” (con+spirare, ‘to breathe’), but it also has a connotation of the Latin spiritus (‘ . . .

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Clavish, and Dave Tom.

Song Of The Year? Taking, bets? Watching and waiting: Drill'rs make November/Decembers' happening. Remember, Bis, and all.

October 22, 2020

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Five Minutes

Five minutes in. Lines, verses, and, —with, music, now-echoing through the "council 'states".

Middle-class-teens into twenties. In their mill.s.

On the streets, in huddles, laying on their bed. Fed by words and beats.

. . .

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Rappers Delight

Dave Tomlinson Pt. 2. [TYPOS CORRECTED, 11 am Fri.] Clavish...? Top 3, 5... Song On The Year. No doubt, truth be, 'the one to beat'. Second listen. UK, runnin' it. Seen. Sensational. Urgent calling. Look to be surprised: One to beat. Breakthrough, music. A Clavish', playlist, selection, got-me. "Moving On..."

October 21, 2020

The Front Page

Goes to:

As Andrea Widburg noted in her excellent post here, the left has pulled out all stops to create a miasma of confusing information about the . . .

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The Trouble With Harry

News, Pop, Film, Sport, and Jesus.

October 21, 2020

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to be cont. P2.

Awaiting, to get a Sax email/not p.talkers, and so, t'nite, callin': Dave T. P2. Rappers Delight. T'morrow's title/sowing/to sow/together.

Unicef tweet; 'We're getting ready for COVID-19 vaccines with enough syringes to wrap around the world one and a half . . .

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54-46 Was My Number

Thank you, and any praying/ Ps 91. holds it/ The Front Page Pt. 2./ S.W.A.L.K./ Rewind; Comment on Aangirfan: 'Oh how I miss the old world. Fake terror seems a distant memory. Gone are the days when an old fashioned beheading would start the day.' On Post-evangelicals, and, Post-post-evangelicals.

October 20, 2020

It Began As A Mistake

Why Australia doesn't have a space program?


This entire year, I’ve been a vagabond, but you, too, have been on a journey, away from just about everything you’ve known, into the vaguest of futures, and we’re just getting . . .

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