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D'road less travelled and 7 pm, pon the 'oche' (the mat and, darts.) 20.33, and throwing... /// Yup, MJs 2020 Top Three, /clashed and decision. [22.46], less than was and like, and me-got 'preachy' enuff. Lights / candles, out.

March 10, 2021

A Twenty-One' Classic


Big Man


BACK to Aylesbury and my upsetter. (After a Bunny Wailer track or two).

Suprised by God, came later to understand and experience. Realised I . . .

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HOPE ... AND, TOMMY COOPER. N0rmal, slug-away, throughout the day, thanks for coming. Ten pm, been 'otherwise, disposed'. Below is a garbled beginning. Can't leave this one. /// "In The Morn," and on at 9.15 am. Might look Kooky, doin' PAS, but go on TS, (Sunday's at the mo.) and carry on the 'Hasta La...' line. Seeking to rectify and tighten-up the show/s, soon as. Tar, and God bless, the un-known, lotta ya. Tommy C., and below... is, continuing on.

March 06, 2021

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[Sunday Morning]

Christian beliefs, claim we're born with an inner Truth-detector.

Unseen yet, manifest in unease and the prompts, warning-against, the underlying (psychotic) reaction, and 'mass hypnosis'. This lead to the mental ill-health . . .

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Simone Gold

March 05, 2021

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'Coercive Measures'? Which And What...? Oh, Lord Jonathan?

Bonus Ball

First, contrary to popular belief, the majority of today’s Hispanics are already American-born, and this is certainly true of . . .

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Nil Magnum Nisi Bonum

Si + F + Hg + ... UK Column News, March 1st. On 'Competency Bias', to be cont. 'Sing it again, it was one of your best songs, that.'

March 02, 2021


Pay Attention,

To, Dr. Simone Gold,

Explaining The Truth About The CV19 Vaccine.

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'Your The Free Speech Union renewal is complete'.

You Won't Get Me


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What's 5G + Al + Si + F + Hg = ... All About?

'Si + F + Hg' to be cont. [17.30]

March 01, 2021


I met Ian at Barton Moss where he was a beacon of hope, in showing the wider world the injustices that were taking place there daily in his live streams.

He became over the years a dear friend, who was always someone who had his tent first and then his caravan’s door open for a morning . . .

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Healthy Shame

Last up at 15.45, and; 'pon a chat with a friend, like to write something before Sunday School, (Truthscoop).

February 12, 2021

[Sunday, 10.56]

Update. Comments on Lord Sumption Interview, (You Tube):

Sean Delap/ Since when has travel ever been banned because of a virus this is very sinister stuff./ tanseygreen/ History will show we have the most dangerous government cabinet in the history of UK politics/ . . .

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Goats, Or What?

Re-do a deleted (an accident) write on P. Mod. / Q&A on homes, buildings, and ownership

February 11, 2021

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It's 22.47, and..., Guess, or what?

Too late, (for me), to write.

On to tomorrow; If, I stay off selecting, soundtracks, and side-trek'd, get down on it, and, HIT the typin'/ post-in-one?

Thanks for caring/ here for good.

Leave on . . .

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