March 21, 2019

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‘What good are your thoughts & prayers..?’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on ‘Christchurch’. Going on to tweet, ‘…when they don’t even keep the pews safe?’ A Liberal Progressive Catholic asking an important question. Bible suggesting, they don’t get much bigger.

Uproar scoring Alexandria said the reference was about NRA . . .

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March 19, 2019

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Edgy and out-there, extreme and daring to breakthrough. Depending on outlook. Associated with a supposed and necessary push to progress. Escape mediocrity and in the political world, a shake-up or we wake up, crashing upon the rocks and sinking.

Nothing moderate and middle about it goes the charge. For those most upset in . . .

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And This Happening

March 15, 2019

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Heartening testimony here and there and those looking down the rabbit hole. Encouragement to reconsider who/what/if -- and God? Opening up to the light of lights, through a realisation and the mechanics of darkness.

Shock revelations facing how evil and deceptive are the dreadful-few pushing us around. How these hidden but . . .

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Time For Grace

March 11, 2019

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Not so much, and more often the case, feeling the tones of the 'talkers'. Struggles on the increase.


Could all read a bit lardy-la and let's all... hold hands together. Around never going to exist campfires kind of thing. Carries a 'don't we all fall for this . . .

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True Myths And Dreams

March 01, 2019

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Is it realistic to have any kind of 'vision' beyond whatever and a home-based future?

Maintain, any collective considerations are being battered out of us. What little remains, trampled on, with decreasing numbers giving-up or concluding don't-look despair.

Pure/impure 'Illuminati' -- that . . .

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Theological Lens

February 28, 2019

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Some take that they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching as ...the New Testament. Another view and one I accept, bring us back to the actions and words around the twelve Apostles and the Gospels.

From there, reckoning Genesis to Revelation is all the word of God when reading in light of this... 'apostles’ . . .

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Be Hope

February 27, 2019

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Child / Adlolescence / Maturity

-- helpful map?

Of course, the promotion of 'adolescence' came post- First World War. Booming up in the '50s. Fair comment and how we're able to make this analogy work. While at it; Add to this, the obvious loss or blurring of a brief and clear, right of passage.

. . .

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