Sue Cook

In the morn, in the meantime...

October 10, 2020


For street niggas...

All afternoon, chatting with S. Awan, something we're, discussing:

Burning Blogger (of Bedlam) on Tap.

Where will we go?
When di . . .

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The Boys Are Back In Town

Ps. 91 and NWO, Pt. 2. And; 'Hey Sweetheart Day'.

October 08, 2020

Please note, posts are edited, post-published. Today, over the next two hours, here and there.

Praise God, 09/10/20, it, is, Hey Sweetheart Day.

Psalm 91 and the NWO.

A driving factor against . . .

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Harry Hippie

Psalm 91 and The New World Order

October 08, 2020

Silvrback blog image


7.30 am, done an hour, will put a time up when kick off, next. 08:08 ["nice"], off to war, and, what... ever, x

'One time type and tell', I wrote. (Gal. front).

Second, shout. My new, friend?

Never met, or, spoken with?

. . .

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King Horse

On Dating

October 06, 2020

ON 20:27, King Horse we riding, and on: Dating.

Cutting out, late night, bright lights (new) cycle, 21:16. Soon come.


Off dating, caught. Will rap freestyle and leave all that times up digerydo... 7.30pm. Play it, goes up and type...

Nah, . . .

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All Soldiers

October 06, 2020

Done 08:49 am. T'night, start the next one, for tomorrow.

Love(d), up


He's Been Faithful.


MJ to you. Mark, local wise.

How about, we all change our names by deed-pole?

What should we choose?

A name, one . . .

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Ten To Six

Big Up day for MJ

October 05, 2020


[17.52], indoors, and on and off./Times indicated and written additions or edits, i.e.,Off, 18:11. On, 18:43. Off, 20.01.].

Fanny-e-toe, at 22:23, Peace and x.

[22:08] A Paul Craig's subscriber alert comes, stating, Of the Utmost Importance. Wise men . . .

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Reasons To Be Cheerful

Well I'm Caught One More Time [10 am, on. Off, 11:16. 11.45, on. 12.40 off.] "big post, big day, y'all", MJ.

October 04, 2020

Update [14:35]

T'morrow's 'seeds, on, All Soldiers.

Question: "What's my Name?".

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Reasons like...

Silvrback blog image

Sanity, Her Son, and the Credulous.

This woman thinks, she observes, she reflects upon and analyzes her observations, and . . .

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