System Of A Down - Toxicity

June 01, 2020

[Updated 3/6/20, and added a song.]

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Mark (right), one of Colin's friends from NYC, who came to visit Aylesbury in 1980.


Oh, track of the week? Or, is it 'the month', how about year, (so-far)?

Operator, get my baby on the line
'Cause just the other night
. . .

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Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love

May 30, 2020


Saturday 18:08, online and be at-it, about 8pm.

The non-sense assumed, about words like; 'Armaged...' this; and 666-that; Apocalypse..? Or, in respect, asserted as 'sense' and alternative . . .

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VISION a ten bag

May 29, 2020

6% of Confirmed Coronavirus-19 Cases End in Death Paul Craig Roberts.

My Winner in POP, Worldwide. Top Four: Doja Cat, Koffee, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson.

Took about eight seconds to get on the playlist. Expectation high for my top-scorer, Keri. Like Dylan and Alisha, . . .

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Jorge Valdes / Vision [a ten bag] Part 2.

May 29, 2020



Note the comments on the same article posted on The Saker's own website.

"Me again..."

Aangirfan coronavirus-bill-gates-morocco.

Highlights a book/article on 'SILVIEW'. AIDS to C-19. . . .

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Jorge Valdes / Vision [a ten bag]

May 28, 2020

Commented: Great Lila Ike, TOP: thanks x.

Bags of Playlists

Musclehead came to see me. Back from months in Jamaica, it was about the first time we met. While there he added some backing vocals and the brass.The album was Rhyme & Reason . . .

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2020_05_vision_a_ten_bag Part 4.

May 27, 2020

Watched this slice of some sound talk on us..., boys, and girls. See the other-ways, and my 'ends. Yet, and "yeah...", hear where D’Nieka Marie's coming from. Girls, at it.

Tomorrow, get on the 'Vision'.

"Big up" to Paul, who lives on my block. Man with a thousand LP's.

. . .

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2020_05_vision_a_ten_bag Part 3.

May 25, 2020

Gotta add. GOTTA SEE. Yeah, The GOAT.


[Enough for today and post closed, things to do, Part 4 tomorrow, peace and, God bless your sound(s) and vision(s) –ing. Out on: Video of the Decade, it'll be a dance one.

Here's a Big example and last . . .

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