Clavish, and Dave Tom.

Song Of The Year? Taking, bets? Watching and waiting: Drill'rs make November/Decembers' happening. Remember, Bis, and all.

October 22, 2020

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Five Minutes

Five minutes in. Lines, verses, and, —with, music, now-echoing through the "council 'states".

Middle-class-teens into twenties. In their mill.s.

On the streets, in huddles, laying on their bed. Fed by words and beats.

. . .

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Rappers Delight

Dave Tomlinson Pt. 2. [TYPOS CORRECTED, 11 am Fri.] Clavish...? Top 3, 5... Song On The Year. No doubt, truth be, 'the one to beat'. Second listen. UK, runnin' it. Seen. Sensational. Urgent calling. Look to be surprised: One to beat. Breakthrough, music. A Clavish', playlist, selection, got-me. "Moving On..."

October 21, 2020

The Front Page

Goes to:

As Andrea Widburg noted in her excellent post here, the left has pulled out all stops to create a miasma of confusing information about the . . .

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The Trouble With Harry

News, Pop, Film, Sport, and Jesus.

October 21, 2020

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to be cont. P2.

Awaiting, to get a Sax email/not p.talkers, and so, t'nite, callin': Dave T. P2. Rappers Delight. T'morrow's title/sowing/to sow/together.

Unicef tweet; 'We're getting ready for COVID-19 vaccines with enough syringes to wrap around the world one and a half . . .

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54-46 Was My Number

Thank you, and any praying/ Ps 91. holds it/ The Front Page Pt. 2./ S.W.A.L.K./ Rewind; Comment on Aangirfan: 'Oh how I miss the old world. Fake terror seems a distant memory. Gone are the days when an old fashioned beheading would start the day.' On Post-evangelicals, and, Post-post-evangelicals.

October 20, 2020

It Began As A Mistake

Why Australia doesn't have a space program?


This entire year, I’ve been a vagabond, but you, too, have been on a journey, away from just about everything you’ve known, into the vaguest of futures, and we’re just getting . . .

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The Front Page

The Front Page, (1931 and 1974, films.). And, Lord J., (UK). First, full-page, (The Sunday Mail), newspaper... "what"? Seek, ask and try-answer? Up vids. and graph., to get-going on Tue. ON: The not-the-'mainstream'/ ...pretending, paid-to-lie, media. PLUS, a talk from Dave Tomlinson. [UPDATE: Family attention required. Pray-ers? Thanks/please. 14.29 Wed. Aangirfan in the meantime, and, 'George Orwell, 1984: "Everything other than working was forbidden: walking in the streets, having fun, singing, dancing, getting together, everything was forbidden..." And one of the comments on 'Paris Post' link; 'Oh how I miss the old world. Fake terror seems a distant memory. Gone are the days when an old fashioned beheading would start the day.' Yeah.].

October 19, 2020

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If You've Never Been On The Dole?

/ Word of Knowledge, or Wisdom?

[Set to play.]



Commented; 'Immense post, may... many, 'get . . .

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Human Nature MJ

Dave T., tomorrow. [15.59.] Post/finished.

October 19, 2020


I Wanna Be Black

TONIGHT, 'DAVE TOM.' First, response, free-write.


The hits keep coming. The CDC used an arbitrary computer “tinker-toy” process to invent a description of the virus. The . . .

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Obedience Or Sacrifice?

A "...Dear, Forgot To Mention..." Post. For Sax, And Love, And Children.

October 15, 2020

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On... Sa, and,


As, if.

Ben Tapper

C/o Aangirfan.



Truthscoop, 9pm. Sunday. A three-hour posting, what-what. . . .

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