Van Morrison - Summertime In England

July 08, 2020

[OFF 22:05. On, and began, '9:11']. 'Aye up', a coincidence, or meaningless, or probable, or..?

The list of all the songs used, and my times. Meetings... first impressions, lasting classics, meanings, messages, and 'God be with me': prophetic word/s, inc., images.

Outstanding posts, . . .

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Young M.A "Car Confessions" Pt. 3.

July 07, 2020

Had the records, first and fresh. The streets and vibe. 'New, YAWK'. Underground. (Find me a mention, anywhere, and 'The Garage' in 1979?) Hypnotics, trance, bums' bumping, hot, open, silly, uninhibited. Latino to Black to White. All Gay, [but... me], and 'least when I went, not many women. All with . . .

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Bob Dylan - Masters Of War

July 06, 2020

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Come, you masters of war you that build the big guns you that build the death planes you that build all the bombs you that hide behind walls you that hide behind desks i just want you to know i can see through your masks you that never done nothing but build to destroy you play with my world like it’s . . .

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Roxanne Shanté - Big Mama Pt. 2

July 03, 2020

Tonight 'want fi goh rave', in Truthscoop Bunker.

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For Ellie,

A 'sound, and strong' woman, like, Puma (Jones).

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Alam pull it (pull it)
Alam pull up (full up)
It's the botanical roots
. . .

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Roxanne Shanté - Big Mama

July 02, 2020

Must go up; Excuse the number of videos, and...

If you only read one article. 'Axe-man Atzmon'.
Gathering steam as a writer, after a recent move and re-published on The Unz, is a 'fire-starting' move. Bold and clear.
UK fella is topping the writing, and jazz, worlds.
. . .

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The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

July 01, 2020

[23:01] Apologies, on recent, Professor Griff, to Lester Maddox, on to Eddie, Richard... Dick Cavett.

Kicking, the songs/things/to write, on, ...down the road.

To, tomorrow.

[11:33] Time up, back in some hours.

[10:55] Choose, songs to write . . .

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Words of Wisdom Part II - by Popcaan

June 30, 2020

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The big Q is this. Are they aware there is free-will or not? Awake or not? The ones non-human behind them know. What’s conveyed to them/they believe and act on? Dunno. Are they fooled in fate or real to randomness. Let alone do they know – Jesus has and will defeat them.

. . .

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