27 Pt. 3.

Born To Be Free. Last edit, midnight.

October 03, 2020

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11.30, had a surprised by joy, going on. Blew, my mind. Rocked me sufficient, can't return to the selection. Sunday School tomorrow. The rest will become ...ohhhh, Pt. 4., on Monday.


And, please, risk assess all contact with the media, (from hell).

AND, NEVER... watch the News, or . . .

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27 Pt. 2.

'King Horse', and an intro. "Fun, fun, fun, eh?"

October 02, 2020

For an 'Elvis' Fan.

Clocked off at 11 pm. Thanks for taking time to look.




Cheap cut satin and bad perfume
Showtime is almost here
Teased up by a strip cartoon
Laughing up your . . .

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On and off from 6pm until close, Born To Be Free and 27 songs.

October 02, 2020

Publish and a kick-off. 'Snake Juice', done. Get on 27, later. [Last edit, 13.04 pm.]

We live in a world with little concern for historical accuracy. No way is it human error. Russel T. Davis has a new drama out.

TV... NEVER, trust TV.

What's wrong with this claim?

'The story . . .

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Snake Juice

Great Confessors.

October 01, 2020

For Beatrice, and her son.

Trouble At The Mill:

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Shammy cleaning all the windows
Singing songs about Edith Piaf's soul
And I hear blue strains of no regredior
Across the street from Cathedral Notre Dame
Meanwhile back in San . . .

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September 29, 2020

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8am., Wed., 30th. Off for two days, going sugar-free, thanks for looking. MJ.

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'The Bashing Boredom Company'. Commissioner Anna Brees.

Seen, Up, and, watch. One of them. Prep for Friday, (next post).

No news, for two . . .

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"The Bank Of Harlem" - Pee Wee Kirkland.

Last on 7 pm. "Get ya eyes and ears on Pee Wee. Ten Star, stuff."

September 28, 2020

For Lisa, and, Tasha.

Offline for a couple of days. Intend to print and absorb:
Gates, Kissinger and Our Dystopian Future, Mike Whitney and 88 comments, and counting.

Sad, but not about a miss, or a date.

Jus' had a couple of..., natters.

Live . . .

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Steel Pulse - Rize

James Perloff

September 26, 2020

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New banner on playlists/YouTube. To remind me to sub., and 'Like', for the re-posting of their video. About 10% or so. Never, remember. Plus? Got, 'crowd issues'.

Post up, and done, five thirty.


THE SAKER: "The World Has . . .

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