Pagan Pt. 2.

Re-Edit, Re-Posted.

November 06, 2020

11:48, Spelling, plus, and part-way through... an unfinished/hadn't realised, post, from the 31st. Soon, Tidy, MJ. Leave a note/"Done."

Mum's James Bond, and, "the best one,"

Sean Connery, has died.

"Did you ever try, SPREADING IDEAS ON A . . .

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Much to do, not ON, on, 'till, Sunday School. KEEPIN' POSTING ON 'Steppaz' for DRILL, GRIME, UK RAP TALK, Peace 'n up. MJ.

November 06, 2020




[MJ, Top 5. Contender, 2020.]

Commented; FanTastic, Music. Time to play your Drill-type instrumentals, and feature on Truthscoop/Plant a Seed, [Blogs]. Best to you, and yours. Got m'attention, and appreciation, MJ. . . .

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Blue Monday

On and... spittin'. If you laugh, or cry? Jig about or groan? Like Flannery... Write, to Read: Know what am saying?

November 02, 2020

Silvrback blog image

For Staff.

(to be cont. Today.)

Carryin' on with, 'two questions'; Owen B., on 'community'; "Dave Tom", in his shed. From Sunday School.

Be... 8.30 am, Thanks for comin' and t'day's explorations will . . .

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Liberty And Language: Paganism.

October 29, 2020


Four for, Sunday?

1. Words under constant robbery, and, replacement.

2. Van Morrison, a man; and,,, a question, arising from m'good pal;

3. Second-best?

4. Pagan?

Better, to come, first, or, second?

What's . . .

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Irene Hewitson

Headlines And The Papers. Are We Proud, Too Scared to..., or indifferent? Or, Should (We) Blame...?

October 29, 2020

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Next post? Pick-up, themes, peep., and questions from the last few days... and lift-backup for a write, about, and, re-post.

For Petra, Elliot, Freddie, and Richard.

For, 'other-meet-me/s,' today.

Strengthens. Encouragement. Makes me wanna, 'scoop,' and seed, anew.

. . .

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Former UK Supreme Court Judge Lord Jonathan Sumption

October 28, 2020

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Commented/The vid.: A 2020, MJ, Top-Rap, Contender.

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Lockdowns and other . . .

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THE Greatest Scam Ever Perpetrated On Humanity?

Mark Devlin Pt. 2. Back from cycle/pray. Gottasay: *** is about. [Out in the 'hood, soon-come, God willing.].

October 28, 2020

Happy Sax 'n Mark Day. Rare Post-c19 days, watch the vids., (you see), at all, before posting? Neil's first, was smash 'n must-see. Nos 3.? On, sight. Same, again.

[Got, some, Thank-God-ing, time a-coming? Thank you to Vanessa, xxx. Seed-box, down. MJ, up. Post, . . .

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