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10.28 am. Last edit. Off out, "on d'road". Clear up bedroom, aka., 'Bunker'.

October 15, 2020

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'. Tryin'?]


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'No, public speech, freedoms', would be the end of our civil life. The lack of consideration is cumulative. No, one's fault? . . .

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i never saw that movie more than twice

No Comment. [personal]. Bruce Cockburn Day. L'd up x2. [Last touch: 12.57pm] songs are 'situation specific', and a selection. 14/10/20, is a 'making, MJ's history', day. [disclosure].

October 14, 2020

Closing signpost:

In many respects, Hollywood and the broader entertainment media today provide the unifying spiritual basis of our deeply secular society, and the overwhelming predominance of Holocaust-themed films over Christian ones has obvious implications. Meanwhile, in our globalized world, the . . .

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Take Me

See's ya laters, 11.01pm, x. A Mary Wednesday.

October 13, 2020

Take a deep 'n lovely, heed: Mary, here.

Started with the Internet Cafe, outside Ladbroke Station (2006/7). The above clip. A hold-on song. Worn, well, out. Already, from mid-90s - 2000. Go into a shop, "What's that?" (Please.).

"Mary". M...,

Round a gaf, a . . .

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Lost On Yer Merry Way

It's Six pm, Big Bros., and it's "get/keep, lost-time". Pulling the plug, 9.42 pm. Roarin' off.

October 13, 2020


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Under the Westway, opp., Ladbroke Grove Station. 2015. With added, Jesus, stating, claim.

Hearing..., Topper (Headon), smash it.

Friendliest one. Check/that.

Topper was the friendliest 'pop star'. Not counting, Guy Stevens' spitting, . . .

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Roots - September 28, 2020.

Blank (to start). Indicates, last one, completed. New one up. Off at 14.30

October 13, 2020

[17.42] Soul Rebel, is a God, move. The soul (?), is whole, and rebels against, the British Con., Corp. is, Godly, and Right-Standing.



And, Snake Juice.


Roots, the day.

. . .

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Something for the morn. Last written touch at 7.58 am. '9/11 Myths', added 8.43 am.

October 12, 2020


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From a hip-hop video. Locals I knew, to 'say hello.' Mate inside, on the 12th, Johnny, and so..., What video/song?

On MJ's Vid., Charts? A bias, and with song included: The Greatest 2019 example, of why UK is, where. . . .

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Aangirfan And Paint Your Wagon

16:37 Last, Spit. Last orders. Tis, Gays' loving. Nah, all -'gay'-loving? MJ, out.

October 12, 2020

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Commented on Aangirfan. 'AD up, love ya, x'.

Managed a minute of the vid., on the last news-source, standing. Only one to, inhabit.

CofE, and BBB(2), accepted. Hear what the bros., has to say, later.

. . .

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