March 22, 2016

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A problem with believing God is believing in Love. And if God isn't loving: Who should care?

Feel loved? Think we know what 'love' is? Not sure I do but – if, God is….

And then, can we cope with L, any which way?

Seem an awkward prospect? Understandable confusion, might be anger, at what a . . .

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March 21, 2016

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If there's one discipline that makes Jesus-walking work. Get up early. That for me. Must do – and write some then, just not get so engrossed. Or at least read-up the readings. Writing all later, I'm garbled-up and rushing to get-done. To write what? I dunno? I'm losing heart to just – make up stuff. Want to have . . .

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March 20, 2016

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'Listening' to me… to anyone, and – hearing God? Re-taking this verse to mean, like Jesus says, be careful 'how' you listen. If God 'hears us' wanting to hear, we – will hear, God.

Wanting to hear – God listens.

In listening to human voices, it's not so much we can hear God in and . . .

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March 19, 2016

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Image will do. Tonight. On a book review for TS. The author a theologian. Some ways, miles apart from me but wide awake, so in this Theo-priority – not. What is a thought:

Only massive failure makes you best-ready to be able to best-stand, intellectual opposition. To be ruled, potentially, by a new-view. To sit with. Or . . .

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March 18, 2016

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Sense myself getting lazy. Wanting to write less. Plant smaller seeds. Plus, ain't got out and got much/anything today. In a line or ten then:

The taxing-trauma of empire, is the kingdom, God's here to overcome. We can dispense with heaven-all-now on earth, there'll be no more poor and oppression? But to . . .

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March 17, 2016

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A beat-burst:

Comfort in mourning/heaven through poverty/meek inheriting/filling up in yearning, for justice, which is righteous/merciful mercy/sight about purity/peacemaking, and a name.

And, back to heaven – through persecution.

These blessed beatitudes? What an antithesis (of reasons) in the . . .

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March 16, 2016

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On a fast-track. Time measured – write. What's the message? Skip decoration.

In 'Judges', writing this while listening to something… the news and alarm.

All we'd need for some relative peace and prosperity – judges. We've little and less so. The increasing disregard for the rule of law is . . .

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