'Remember, this is a joint venture. The emperor is well dressed until he’s not. Then all the walls and excuses come tumbling down', Dr. Robert Malone. And..., "Are you flirting with me, Dr. Peterson?" + Who d'man? ...Nicki “rudest little madam” Minaj, Rose McGowan, Chris Crutchfield, [...] Police officers, firefighters, and paramedics who gathered in Toronto for a silent protest against mandatory C-19 jabs. What and if... there are antidotes and ways to mitigate or boost our innate immune system? How can we offer medical and therapeutic interventions to manage and cope? Gavin closes with a word.

September 06, 2021


A Final Warning To Humanity From Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon September 17, 2021

Jordan McCann appreciates letters. Send to (A1177AG) HMP Altcourse.

John O’Looney brings first-hand observations of medical . . .

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September 06, 2021

Comment on Unz, and a short vid., on engineering...

'God Engineers?'


Say what, and why?

Calvinists insist God is somehow greater, with ultimate and absolute control, due to the absence of individuals' genuine, free will. Trottin' out...; '...from . . .

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One More

Straight Boogaloo, Yeah... For Will (...who doesn't have, or want the internet/ but I'll print this.)

September 05, 2021

DJ "S"


Eva Bartlett


Prof. Proph., Cahill?

Claims are challenged.

Our, Deloris the diamond, has many friends. James in Australia, for . . .

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Antibody-Dependent Enhancement


September 05, 2021

They don’t think, they merely accept whatever they are told as they have been trained to do all their life.

911 Towering Inferno Myth Destroyed Again by Dubai Fire, James Robertson, Crimes of Empire, February 21, 2015

Silvrback blog image

Dr. Blaylock exposes the vaccination and fluoridation lies, Paul Craig . . .

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Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

'I keep my distance I don't catch feelings, don't say words without meaning, ha...'

September 04, 2021

Silvrback blog image

Holding back, and a new post. Intend adding single-line updates:

1. TAP – Sometimes you have to realise that people you imagine are your friends are no such thing. I give you a parallel here so you can read the news with different eyes.

2. Comments on Ivermectin: Horse Hockey vs. Truth.

3. At the . . .

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Being Fired for Refusing the State Injectible?

September 03, 2021


"Hate Incident Involving Stickers", Plant a Seed, June 5, 2021


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"Oh, he's done it now?"

The sigh of millions: . . .

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Hallelujah Anyway

'Good To Pray' intro., to come...

September 02, 2021

9/11 Twentieth anniversary on OffG

Firestarter, Joe Rogan, talked about Ivermectin. The reaction to it by his critics, including calls for censorship, turned Joe's personal health-based observation into a media blaze of telling off's. All because he took what he could, to . . .

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