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Key-line and gift to spit-about: ['Is it a coincidence or is it meant to be?' ]/// THAT, ...right up my alley and gagging for a think/write/think // PAS a 'prayer galviniser' with aspirations and the 'prophetic'. Suggest you take a lot of nothing-else but a Bible and writing material, find time-agenda and space, ...and hour's kind of time/ Disregard, *knowing the future* and the P. word glib's use and the commonly understood gabber. Hey, MJ. ['Ain't pally-pally, wonder why they never see I. Got bigger fish to fry...']

October 18, 2021

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Life in Post-White South Africa, Gregory Hood, The Unz, July 23, 2001

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Messages, Meanings, ...all that.

Meet/ Clash/ ...consider, man from, back in the... and, fresh with it.

DOMINIC LAWSON:According to conventional Left-wing . . .

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Dave Chappelle

+ Respect to Jason Rantz, a cop who resigned/ a final radio call-in and leaving, over the Jab.

October 17, 2021


MJs Playlist

1. Brendon, September 13, 2021

2. Brendon's 'Must Watch'

3. Corbett meets Iain Davis, October 15, 2021

M'men in the Park, Young Adz, Digga D, SJ, and Ard Adz, and the . . .

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All you need to know about COVID vaccine safety

October 17, 2021

Linh's article.

Comments by Rohan on the 'Clot Shot'.

All you need to know about COVID vaccine safety, (PDF), Steve Kirsch, October 16, 2021.

@stkirsch, (Gab).

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Refuse ALL fear . . .

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The Closer Controversy

Post on 'Coke', (next on TS)..., ain't happened. For now, rave on Chappelle... [12.34]

October 13, 2021


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Let's talk about Dave Chappelle's 'The Closer Controversy'

Why Dave Chappelle is CANCELLED!

Dave Chappelle: Attacked By JEALOUS Transgender Propagandist!

Dave Chappelle’s Lutheran stand against cancel culture

. . .

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Committed Truth Pilgrims

'Like something in their programming blocks factual information. I have had this feeling for a while now. It feels like it’s preordained. It’s not mass psychosis or some other mumbo jumbo. It’s something else' - Bruce Tonka, commenting on The Last of our Human Freedoms. And..., 'bullseye etiquette' from Charlie Sloth, Big Up, MJ.

October 03, 2021

Dave Chappelle review, to follow.


Limited Enrollment Online Course in Open and Relational Theology

Nick Cannon


Aangirfan re-posted Dr. Peter McCullough

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If there's anything I've learned after all these years: It's not the power in my push, but its position... it's in my heart's position/ We live in the age of Missing Information and, ...lyrics.

September 27, 2021

For Sax...

Joshua Luke Smith, October 1, 2021


Open and Relational Theology Podcast with 3-Minute Episodes

Boosters: how to kill more people with impunity....

. . .

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...Because They Will Be In Shock

September 26, 2021

'Remember, this is a joint venture. The emperor is well dressed until he’s not. Then all the walls and excuses come tumbling down', Dr. Robert Malone. And..., "Are you flirting with me, Dr. Peterson?" + Who d'man? ...Nicki “rudest little madam” Minaj, Rose McGowan, Chris . . .

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