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Go - - - : Five or so years in Sudbury, Suffolk, now movin' pastures, new. Like Jordan asks, "come find me,..." and peace, up, and, 'MJ gone NFA'. Best to and all who stand and love, act, and ...for me, to pray-into the Union, and Doctor Tom and co., MJ, and ...later, while; Robert Malone, knocks it out the park in an exchange of emails with the NY Times: + Andrew Anglin to close Pls. read comments, an education. Last word: Should you EVER Talk to the Police?: +

March 24, 2022

For Tom, ...what engaging chat/ me-rant. Goes, and half of supreme, and superb; who met me in recent times. Leaving blessed Sudbury, Love and peace to all.

Cover by Nic Hughes. Later, MJ. Elvis, and out.

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And I sing . . .

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Ukraine update; ...again, and with respect, not a believer in contemporary events are found in Biblical passages etc., etc. Or ...certain relationships between 'nations' and suggested power-dynamics. That said, well-taught through the presenter's breakdown. First-half is the helpful listen. / and.., 'Miss T.' (NYC) /// Crimes Of Empire; 'Sunday Wire', hot sounds and talk. And... Catherine has a 'word': x

February 22, 2022

Wild Hope (Next Post)

Tom and Christine

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Odessa, A between 7th and 8th, (NYC).

Update; [25/2], back in a week or three. One discussion and the difficult to assess, bigger political picture? Aangirfan, gone, (now . . .

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Back With Bach

...Soon. Two for the road, + Bob says: 'Build your penitentiary, We build your schools'. Note on quote/paraphrase under Trellick Tower: The God of surprises, and ...surprised, (can be), about our thoughts and sentences. (Unless full-on 'LARP' / ''NPC' cult-like). Poetic, and, prophetic. God..., close. Notice: Danny says it in-one, and there's one small thing we can do? Go to Govt. consultation online and complete by March 8th. [] /// On Footnote; 'December 10 2021 — Thomas Merton (January 31, 1915 – December 10, 1968) was an American Trappist monk, writer, theologian, mystic, poet, social activist, and scholar of comparative religion. On May 26, 1949, he was ordained to the priesthood and given the name Father Louis. In the years since his death, Merton has been the subject of several biographies. Fifty years later, his death remains mysterious. In 1997, James W. Douglass claimed that Merton had been assassinated by agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In 2016, theologian Matthew Fox made a similar claim. '

February 14, 2022

PAS/ TS/ and, newbie, 'TS-text'.

Back on mid-March.

Much music, vids., articles, are un-seen/ heard, go up first.

Last drink with CJ.

Jordan B. Peterson

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. . .

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Back with Bach. Holidays. On the essential 'get?' Russ Brown has it down on Andrew Kaufman. Best we-have this contention with the marvelous Judy Mikovits. In NY '81-'84, Judy incorrect and "AIDS", in 1983. A misunderstanding? As are countless, second-hand observations about NYC before 1984. Unhygienic sex and drug use, etc., as an obvious contributing factor, wasn't apparent. Any symptoms of a 'flu' took them to hospital and the prescribed 'AZT'. It was a set-up. How? Don't know, but the scam extends to warping the historical picture. Looking to find what can from little available online metadata. With AIDS x2 on the agenda, a wee bit of revisionism and witness.

February 09, 2022

Steve (Kirsch), posted email-subs., and..., goin' live and last guest on the show.

Jacinda’s ANGRY

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Luc Montagnier

18 August 1932 – 8 February 2022

. . .

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Vernon Coleman

('Rewinds' commitment, unable.) All about, says it,.. all, and, 'it's time...', WE, y'all, face up; fall-apart; come together; faith; fight; hope; and; —we overcome.

February 09, 2022


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It’s the 4th February 2022 and this is video no 302.

I’ve been warning for some time that the bad things that have been happening, are happening and are going to get worse, much worse, were planned in the . . .

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Winston Marshall

On to Winston, with 'Victor' and 'Sunday Wire' to rewind/ review.

February 09, 2022

The Canadian convoy of many, many trucks, now in Ottawa, and the many, many people supporting it, can’t be written off as some strange breakout group.

This is a popular movement.

A wave.

Truckers forever, Jon Rappoport, February 9, 2022

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Dr. Vernon Coleman, February 4, . . .

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Victor Davis Hanson 2.

For 'Clarinet, lucky 27 yrs.', and fam./ local cafe.

February 08, 2022


2., ... on,

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