Vernon Coleman

('Rewinds' commitment, unable.) All about, says it,.. all, and, 'it's time...', WE, y'all, face up; fall-apart; come together; faith; fight; hope; and; —we overcome.

February 09, 2022


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It’s the 4th February 2022 and this is video no 302.

I’ve been warning for some time that the bad things that have been happening, are happening and are going to get worse, much worse, were planned in the . . .

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Winston Marshall

On to Winston, with 'Victor' and 'Sunday Wire' to rewind/ review.

February 09, 2022

The Canadian convoy of many, many trucks, now in Ottawa, and the many, many people supporting it, can’t be written off as some strange breakout group.

This is a popular movement.

A wave.

Truckers forever, Jon Rappoport, February 9, 2022

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Dr. Vernon Coleman, February 4, . . .

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Victor Davis Hanson 2.

For 'Clarinet, lucky 27 yrs.', and fam./ local cafe.

February 08, 2022


2., ... on,

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Victor Davis Hanson

+ 21Wire Sunday, rewind, once do, THREE hours.

February 08, 2022


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Of course Neil Young has the right to say whatever he wants. No one here at Off-Guardian would ever maintain otherwise! The real question is: does Neil Young have the right to silence those he disagrees with? That is a very different matter. If NY simply registered . . .

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This One Takes The Buscuit


February 06, 2022

Smells like a false-flag

Jimmy Dore

Dr Vernon Coleman, February 7, 2022

Re-listen to 21Wire on Tuesday and comment.

UK Prisons cost 3.5 billion, while planned spending for the Department of Health and . . .

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Love Like Blood

For A4, ...tonight 5 pm and yap on Sunday Wire, and for the best of peep.'s on best night, thank you, (and for y'patience), MJ. Said before, of sorts, and; Patrick H.? Biggie, Pac, Nas... is 2022 Wire. Man from Perth with the message: Stand up NOW, or could lose. L I S T E N ...ok?

February 05, 2022

\GET on IT >>>Episode #407 – ‘Against All Odds’ with guests Vanessa Beeley, Greg Maybury<<<

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Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and . . .

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What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?

February 03, 2022

This is why – NOTHING COMPARES TO THIS LOVE – Canadian Truckers are heroes

Watched a corker, thought to share.

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