Everybody Knows

Schubert/ 'Everybody Knows...?' [TOO slow, too much a long-thing. What does 'everybody know' and what have The Country Dons and thousands, got to bring? Where and why, there... be, HOPE? 'Everybody Knows 2.', tomorrow.]

May 12, 2021

Straight In

EVERYBODY KNOWS: A look at common expectations and the assumptions, and certainty, list?

What and Why,... the needs and moves to hide/run-a-away, from questions and uncertainty/accuracy, and . . .

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Jenna Platt / UK Nurse

Love, Van Morrison, and Sizzla.

May 11, 2021

Silvrback blog image

Silvrback blog image

Craig Murray was today sentenced to eight months in prison for the crime of “jigsaw identification” of one or more of the complainers in the trial of Alex Salmond, despite the supposed existence in Scotland of a presumption against prison sentences for any crimes attracting a . . .

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Keep Away From Each Other

May 10, 2021

UK Column News - 10th May 2021

Silvrback blog image

Silvrback blog image

The worst drug deaths in Europe. Collapsing educational attainment. Chronic unemployment and underemployment (fewer than half of all Scots qualify to pay income tax and half of that half are paid by the taxes of the other 25%). Misgovernance of the . . .

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Primal Screams/ "Who Am I?"

Open post until TS' Sunday School, and next week press into UK Drill-centric music, reviews + rap-a-bout, health 'n fitness. [On + off, on Saturday.]

May 04, 2021

This new type of person, which arose first in Europe and then spread all over the West and beyond, does seem like a degenerate form of humanity: bereft of great passion and lofty goals, lacking any clear ethnic or social allegiance or preference, fixated on comfort and safety and deficient in both masculinity and . . .

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Devils' Disclosure

-and- 'Dancing With The Devil?' /// A-lone and, Saturday night? Last, one or two for me, and 'soon come'/God willing: with, Sax. /// "RENDER Your HEARTS, and NOT, Ya GARMENTS..."

May 01, 2021

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on A wrap UP on SUNDAY, a LATE one DROP of SAY so, TO fin.


[Last but one blast on Sunday. On Monday, morn.-ish, try for a touch more and put a full-stop.]

. . .

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Devil In Disguise

UPDATE on the 30th/ to write on... When a new/next post, goes up?: Signals, this un, be done? /// A PLUG for THE MAN. Please? Go ye 'n read: VAN, in The Times, titled; ‘Freedom of speech used to be OK — what’s happened?’ Gets a song (and four) on the post.

April 29, 2021

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For Genz

Zombie / The Brain, Truthscoop, February 21, 2021

1., 2., 3.,

Go-through and breakdown on,

1. John Salley Speaks about Reptilian Race & Giants, Vlad . . .

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Comma, Question-mark, Full-stop

Apology to anyone who looked yesterday. A set-up... to fail. 'T'day' is what's-what until 10 am. [BEIN' realistic, and taking the Max/t'days time-for-blogin', switch to 11.oo and, stop/end/Fin.]

April 27, 2021

April 27, Wednesday


What's the motive? How come Blog about...? A mission, or ...madness? How about... it's, all about, personal gratification out of an illusion a crowd is reading it?

Welcome to a couple of hours and, whatever else, preparation and the latest . . .

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