Robbie Shakespeare

December 09, 2021

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Robbie's place in reggae, in music, and connected with Sly like one. In post-punk confusion came a homegrown sound and the UK; new black friends gave us the brew, and heavy-weight vinyl, speakers, and darkness, drum, bass, and ...light.

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I sent this link to 100+ friends. My . . .

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Danny Rampling

December 08, 2021

COVID pandemic: THE ten BIGGEST lies.

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On Money. For a decade, (IF/ but ain't for a few years, into 'the financial world'), from the sound-voice and spots on Alex Jones in 2011, to 2021 and JFK Jr. nb., names... Catherine Austin Fitts. Shines through. Heartening. MJ. [ . . .

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Mass Formation

Speak Out vs. Hypnosis

December 07, 2021

These men look at their victims not as children or young women in distress but as human trash, no more worthy of consideration than a slave, which in fact many of these girls and women become.

Chris Hedges

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Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, hedge-fund . . .

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Unz Comments

Make one comment on, 'One major problem is that gays were dropping like flies before they even knew what it was', John Johnson. 'No', MJ.

December 06, 2021

Literal crackheads…


[Update, former Pfizer Chief Medical Officer turns down my interview request.]

On 'PTSD', and... Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder (?).


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My Mix.

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Talking God

5 pm Sunday Wire. Thank God. Liking music in break/s. Episode #398 – ‘The Final Revolution’ with guests Sir Julian Rose, Clive de Carle

December 05, 2021

For Julian


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High-Rez and Jimmy Levy @21 Wire


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Malone and Viganò to build an anti-globalist alliance

Aangirfan. James and S.Awan, compadre.

On God/ or... ???

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Magnus Carlsen

December 04, 2021

Man on Fire

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How to Detox from the COVID Shot

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Muzzle Off

UK health authorities now advise giving the booster every 3 months. Next will be monthly. Then weekly. Then daily. See the pattern? If the vaccine doesn't work, give it more often. . . .

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Isolated? + Mike Graham talking with Tonia Buxton.

November 30, 2021

Dr Sam White

Andrew Johnson/ Richard T Hall

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Plans are to write Steve Kirsch, Jordan, etc. Private in content but overall to explain why. Refreshing encouragement to jump in and support, ask, ...Steve.

We'd love to have a debate.

Steve . . .

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