December 05, 2017

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Not too, one way or the other, with unseen evil... things. The sound stand. Don't ignore or get too wrapped up about.

Excessive attention is rare. Pentecostals into deliverance like a sport. And/or claiming the source, for all negative and personal.

A clever-sounding line is to frame evil-spirits -- . . .

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Dwells In The Shelter

December 04, 2017

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Rewind: The West might be the best? Got all the modern appliances, with most residents warm and fed. Although that which makes the West and our relative freedom to express ourselves, is on the way out. Unless...

Little/no "unless" talk. Lack of recognition from too trusting of Govt. Considering the consequences . . .

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Wait For What?

December 03, 2017

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There are two kinds of waiting. Lazybones, two steps forward, one step backwards. And the active waiting, the Bible/God presents as the greatest cause known to mankind.

Don't so much despair at reading fellow Christ-followers and their different interpretations. No match, and tick other boxes? This could be less . . .

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Marvellous In Our Eyes

December 02, 2017

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Beauty in the eye... and all that, but what about God? Invisible and yet... desiring to be 'seen', known, understood, followed, working with and for, loving in. Connection and remaining. Revealing and proclaiming.

Parable of the sower is a 'word' about the Word. Something specific, with spotlights and underlined . . .

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Soul Yearns, Even Faints

December 01, 2017

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Off the news/headlines is working well. All but six sites and new radical carry-about and the Bible. Title -- 'Soul Yearns, Even Faints' -- glanced from the top of the page. Flipping about -- feed like a squirrel, sow like a hopper. 'Soul' is? 'Faints' - what? And proclaim out and charge-up.

. . .

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November 30, 2017

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What sense there is in life comes down to God. My heart goes out to those not knowing. Respect for people doing so well. Considering.

Could look at my own blundering through and years of behaving as though God is tagging along. Bonker intentions but somehow, here and there, trying to run the right race.

Now . . .

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Call Up

November 29, 2017

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Woe to me if I don't... Paul exclaimed.

The good news is God. This all. God alone. Here/now, causing me/a, constant and grateful shock. What else and other things are boring. This what. Puts a love-for in us and this dulls the rest. Much about why, 'woe to me'.

Plus Paul was expressing compassion. . . .

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